First Impressions

The ride quality has most definitely been restored. Previously, it was a combination of old worn stock shocks and the Espelir springs, which are aggressively low, and go through aggressive changes of spring rate due to their progressive design. That led to the shocks being blown the moment I first drove it out of my yard. Meaningless to say it’s been terrible ride quality since then, with only the factory bumpstops combating the springs; the oscillation was terrible, and very bouncy. This is why lowering springs get a bad rap, people throw them on stock shocks (old ones most of the time) and the bouncing ensues. I’ve taken a step not many take in this platform, and I’ve reached success. I will be setting the front spring perches to the upper option, too much scraping on my driveway.

The Bilstein dampers keep the car firm and planted now. Also, with the multiple spring perch height options, there is now less pre-load on the springs as compared to the prior setup.






This was a long journey, but well worth it. Coming up for suspension: I plan to modify the oem sway bars; make them adjustable since they are the same diameter as all aftermarket options.

Whiteline also makes these nice items:

Also need 2 items up front to further correct alignment and the godforsaken bumpsteer:

Also gotta get around to finally installing these in the rear:

At the same time, I’ll start amassing all the parts I need for a brake upgrade


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