Couple updates






Progress can actually be a slow progress. Soon to come A/C and paint…hopefully.


Learning Experience

Most recent picture.  Since then, greddy swirl pot has been removed, installed it the ‘proper’ way and it just didnt work right, almost caused an overheat.

Although because of it I now have a lower rad hose adapter in place, with the bung plugged up so as not to leak any water.

Thinking about putting in a 1/8 NPT thermo fan switch in the adapter, and ditching the clutch fan altogether, freeing up some rotational mass to quicken the rev-up.

Dual fans, 1 for rad, 1 for A/C since this car never came with an A/C fan.


Other than, still have to figure out the on-going cold start issue, so far majority of opinions say fuel pump, or fuel pump relay. ALthough I do believe a pair of o2 sensor defoulers will help.

Hope to get that sorted out soon enough.

Miles and miles


Harness repaired, oil leak gone, caliper soon to get replaced, only CEL codes are the ones im supposed to have ( 02 and 25 — MAF signal, and o2 sensors) for my intake and headers.

Getting nice out, gonna have to switch over my heater switch again

Quick Update

Haven’t posted in a while, and damn glad about it.  Back to school feelin’ good.

Been driving the car everyday, nervously at first, rackin up the miles.
But as they say in Top Gear, this car is brilliant.
No pics as of yet but the sound system is back to normal, GAS crisis in NYC due to hurricane sandy (much more on that later)
Car is running great, besides one part of the engine harness being ripped up and having an oil pan gasket leak -_____-
Couple worries though still pulling 26.4 mpg, not too bad for a 4000 lb street boat.


At last the car is driveable now I just have to work out a few annoying kinks

Its always something

Timing is all wrong, put too much oil, condensation in gas tank, paint on heatshield wasnt heat resistant — but these are just bumps in the road – __-

I found this plug under the rear seat, but nothing to plug into it, strange?

Almost there, got hte breather tank in, now I just need a friggin battery and a bumper STILL -______-